Ian Hansen

What “white” people lose from white privilege and white supremacy in the U.S. context

Ian Hansen is an Assistant Professor in Behavioral Sciences at York College, City University of New York.  He is the 2017 president of Psychologists for Social Responsibility.  His areas of interest include political psychologypsychology of religion, moral psychology, cultural psychology, social psychology, peace psychology and the history of psychology.  Much of his advocacy work focuses on telling the story of the APA torture scandal and how psychologist dissident activism turned around APA policy on psychologists’ role in interrogations.  His academic research focuses on the two-dimensional or multi-dimensional nature of divides often presented as one-dimensional, particularly political divides, which are typically presented as liberal-left vs. conservative-right.  His work also addresses the punitive–rather than information-valuing–psychological basis for support for torture, as well as how the correlated inclinations of religiosity and conservatism make opposing predictions of a wide variety of significant religious, political and moral attitudes (including support for torture).

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