Eric Unger

How Tax Increment Financing Robs US Public schools of tens of BILLIONS of Dollars Every Year

During Eric’s undergraduate career, he studied human development and family relations at Illinois State University. Currently, Eric is enrolled in a masters program at National Louis University, studying public policy and administration. Eric is working towards a career where he can advocate and implement socioeconomic policies that benefit the working class majority. Eric is a critic of our current economic system, capitalism, and advocates for a 21st century alternative that seeks to protect the planet and humanity. Eric stumbled upon TIFs last semester and he noticed that the program was another contributor to economic racism. This spring, Eric has collaborated with Tom Tresser with researching TIF projects in the Hermosa district. Tom and Eric held a community forum illuminating the citizens of Hermosa about the negative impacts of the TIF projects happening in their own backyard. The end goal is to end the TIF program and replace it with progressive taxation.

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