Antonio Champion

Exploring Intersectionality of Sexuality and  Race, Religion, Family, and Sense of Community  

My name is Antonio Dwan Champion. My professional goals are to further my education to receive my PhD and to one day have homes and shelters for abused children, homeless teens, gay teens, and other youth requiring assistance. My dream is to provide these youth the love and encouragement they need to reach their full potential and to embrace their own self worth. The reason I decided to seek professional education at this time in community psychology is that in order to fulfill my dream in helping children in the child welfare system I need the tools to help it become a reality. Unfortunately I had a very dysfunctional childhood where the presence of physical and emotional abuse, drugs, and alcohol was an everyday event. Then I was placed in several different foster and group homes thus allowing me to experience the child welfare system and have a firsthand perspective of what is needed in the lives of children within the system. Having been removed from my family home and entering foster care caused my belief in the value of the system to increase drastically.

I am currently a graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work program. I possess a Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in child and family services.  Including many criminal justices, social work and sociology courses I took for my bachelor degree.  I have a variety of work experience and internships at the Madden Mental Health Center (Social Worker), Department of Human Services (Human Service Caseworker), Pilsen Wellness Center (Psychotherapist), Center for New Horizons (Foster Care Case Manager), Youth Outreach Services (Intervention Drug Counselor) and SGA Youth and Family Services (Prevention Drug Counselor).


I strongly believe in the family unit. Through academic, professional, and personal experience I have learned the importance of providing comprehensive support to families and individuals seeking healthier life skills.

My most recent experiences provide me the opportunities to assist social workers and caseworkers servicing at risk youth in the inner city with challenges such as behavior problems, substance abuse, homelessness and mental illness. While servicing in these capacities I’ve learned the following skills: peer mediation, conflict resolution, clinical assessment, and documentation.



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