About Us

The Racial Justice Action Group

The Racial Justice Action Group (RJAG) is organized around understanding and working to eliminate, issues of racial injustice. An extension of Psychologists for Social Responsibility, RJAG works to create opportunities and “hold space” for psychologists, activists, students, and communities to work together towards racial justice through dialogue, the arts, shared practice and collaboration.

This conference is an opportunity for participants to collaborate and innovate with others seeking to end racial injustice. The conference will host voices from communities, individuals, and organizations, working towards new approaches for confronting racial injustice.

Through planned discussions, collaborative workshops and roundtables, panel discussions, and our art exhibition, we will provide the space for honest dialogue and action. A unique call for voices and perspectives from active individuals and communities working to impact the racial injustice in the City of Chicago and beyond.

We are hopeful that students, activists, professionals, organizations, and individuals who care, will converge to share their research, community work, organizing, and ideas.

Please consider attending. You can register and submit a proposal here:


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