Zedrienne Bell

Life: Spoken Word Poetry

Hello my name is Zedrienne Bell. I have just recently been released from prison. Decatur Correctional Center, on February 6, 2017. Since my release, I’ve been residing at Grace House on the west side of Chicago. Grace House is a very structured program that has requirements for the residents to complete. Some of those include (I.O.P.) Intensive Out Patient, Road to Success which is a pre- employment readiness class. I’ve completed both of these requirements. I have been involved with The Chicago Coalition for The Homeless speaking with legislator’s concerning difficult bills, fighting for rights of ex-offenders. I’m a participant of Visible Voices and I’m learning that I have a voice and my voice matters. My passion is writing poetry, and I have a story to tell. I want people to know about my accomplishments and that my past doesn’t defy who I am on the inside.

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