Rahul Sharma, Psy.D

Rahul Sharma, Psy.D. began his work in 1989 in gender issues, violence against women prevention, and race relations as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, where he worked extensively at the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center. He continued his interest in racial and gender issues in his pursuit of Clinical Psychology, specializing in multicultural issues. After receiving his doctorate in 1998, for over six years, he served as Director of the University of Chicago’s Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention, initially reporting to then Associate Dean Michelle Obama. He contributed a chapter on South Asian men’s roles in addressing violence against women for a book addressing various aspects of dealing with domestic violence in South Asian communities. He received the “Vagina Warrior” award from V-Day Celebration by the Vagina Monologues for his commitment to violence against women prevention.

Dr. Sharma has remained active in his interests related to gender and gendered violence, both generally, and specifically within the South Asian American Community. Dr. Sharma is currently Associate Professor at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology (ISPP) at Argosy University, Chicago and Chair of its Diversity Concentration. At ISPP, he has worked extensively to ensure cultural competence for all Clinical Psychology students, as well as foster leadership development in the area of diversity among his Concentration students. In addition, Dr. Sharma is also founder and bassist/sitarist for the intercultural award-winning music group Funkadesi, a band comprised of musicians, activists, educators, and healers. The band is unprecedentedly diverse, with Indian-American, African-American, Jamaican, Latino, and European-American members. As the band has thrived and remained cohesive for over 18 years, Dr. Sharma’s long-standing goals incorporate music as a vehicle for community-building, self-understanding, cross-cultural communication, and social justice principles. Recently, Dr. Sharma became a Remo Trained Health Rhythms Facilitator, using proven group drumming techniques to spawn personal growth and build group cohesion. In March of 2015, Dr. Sharma delivered a keynote address in Chicago on cultural competence in clinical practice and teaching, incorporating compelling analogies and anecdotes from his career as a musician. Dr. Sharma also presents lectures & leads workshops on many topics, including: For more info, contact: Rahul Sharma, Psy.D. 773.220.6711



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