Patricia Luckoo

“Ain’t I a Woman too?:”Black women throughout the African diaspora address negative attitudes, myths and stereotypes: “Escaping the cape” to find Empowerment through Education, Awareness and directing their own narrative

The Empowering Black Women Movement, mission is to provide a platform for black women to share their stories and experiences of racial discrimination and oppression in America. Despite indisputable and prevalent research showing that Black women, on average, experience much greater deficit in wage, poverty, underemployment/unemployment, social status, lack of education, housing, health problems, physical/mental/ emotional abuse, poor self-image, discrimination, racism and sexism among other challenges, compared to White women and other ethnic groups, there exists no real policies in place to addressing and resolving these societal concerns. Part of the problem is that Black women are gravely underrepresented in society, and when we are represented, we are misrepresented with negative narratives and images mired in destructive stereotypes that perpetuate the dehumanization. The Empowering Black Women Movement is about giving black women a platform to tell their stories using social media, blogs, newsletters, magazines as well as working with community organizations to hold educational and leadership events promoting personal and community growth.


Saturday April 9   11-11:50 AM Room 5007



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