Lashawn Littrice

The Diminishing Effects of Mass Incarceration

La’Shawn Littrice is a Doctoral student in Community Psychology at National Louis University and the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Women of Faith. She is a dedicated Social Justice Advocate/Activist who refuses to be silenced. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Lashawn made helping nonprofits with their financial paperwork part of her work. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. She is concentrating on the systemic forces that cause and perpetuate Mass Incarceration and poverty. Born and raised Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Lashawn is a wife and mother of seven.

She has over 20 years as an entrepreneur who has owned and operated several businesses. These businesses encompassed the vision to help people and make a significant impact in their lives. During some personal challenges, she learned there were many women affected by incarceration and now more children experiencing the absence of either or both parents.

La’Shawn has focused her research interests on Mass Incarceration and how it effects the relationships between African-American parents and their children, as well as the dynamics of this penal system which disenfranchises individuals. She is also very interested in correcting the failed policies that have results in racial disparities and over prosecution. The racial injustices that exist within the parameters of these institutions have contributed to a disproportionate number of minorities to be incarcerated at alarming rates.



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