Ericka Mingo

The Evolution of Ernestine: Tracing the Construction of Black Female Archetypes and the Associated Fragmentation of Black Womanhood in the Americas

Colonialism by Any Other Name: A Common Thread Between the Palestinian NGOs and Health Sector & Non-Profits on Chicago’s Southside

Ericka Mingo is a faculty member for the Applied Behavioral Sciences program. Ericka is an educator and activist of many years. She taught in private and public high schools in Kansas City, New York, and Chicago for over a decade. Her research has focused primarily on issues of class and education. In addition to her academic pursuits, she works to help nonprofit organizations and schools, on Chicago’s South-Side, to build capacity through assistance with organizational alignment, grant writing, and consultation. She helps to manage Ecologic Outreach, a community garden in the Bronzeville neighborhood, whose mission is to promote a more local and empowered look at food.


Saurday April 9
2-2:50 PM Room 5007

Saturday April 9
3-3:50 PM Room 5028


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