Deveda Francois

Come and explore Bouie’s statement and other thoughts in an informal setting as we grapple with the concept and implications of a new racism!


“Ain’t I a Woman too?:”Black women throughout the African diaspora address negative attitudes, myths and stereotypes: “Escaping the cape” to find Empowerment through Education, Awareness and directing their own narrative


Deveda is a non-traditional student completing her PhD in Community Psychology at National Louis University. Often viewed as a thought leader and non-traditional in many areas of her life she refers to herself as simply a practicing theorist. Her primary research interest is in the area of micro-aggressions (coined by Chester D. Pierce, Ph.D., 1970). She starts with the topic of micro-aggressions aimed at Black girl’s/women’s hair from the Dollhouse to the White house to micro-aggressions masked in public policies, programs, and procedures. She is a member of Psychologist for Social Responsibility, a James. P. Shannon Leadership Institute Alum, an Egretha Humanitarian Award recipient and was awarded the 2015 Black Women Rock Legend Award, hosted by Governors State University.

Could or should a racist be diagnosed with mental illness that could be pervasive throughout generations? The mental, emotional, physical and economic impact racism has on minorities has been nearly exhausted in academic research. Deveda argues that there will come a time when practice will either connect or collide with theoretic obscurity. Would there be an indictment on a nation should we examine the mental state of the racists and their system of sustainability? At what point do we look at the big pink elephant in the room and elevate an actionable discussion? In case we didn’t notice the TRUMP(ets) have sounded.



Saturday, April 9
1- 1:50 Room 5026


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