Charles Deeda DeShields

Music Movement and Resistance Capoeira Demonstration

Charles “Deeda” DeShields wears many hats…husband, father, artist, vegan, martial artist, history enthusiast, and avid gardener.  He has been interested in health and well-being for the majority of his life.  Early in life, he observed many of his family members suffered from diet-based disease.  He made a commitment to change the family paradigm.  He has studied and participated in a variety of martial arts.  In 2002, he was introduced to Capoeira Angola and has been a student of this system ever since.  Charles is currently learning and teaching capoeira in Chicago.  He has a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia State University in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Studio Arts and Political Science.


Saturday, April 93-3:50 Room 5031


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