2017 Summit

Racial Justice Action Group and Psychologists for Social Responsibility presents the first annual                                                      Racial Justice in Praxis Pre- conference summit Nobember  2017″

 “Psychological Crimes Against Humanity: De-centering, Reorienting and Reclaiming Community Psychology”

In this groundbreaking intimate invite only summit we challenge you to rethink the ways in which Psychology has attributed to and can change social injustice,  through conceptualizing and discussing issues, campaigns and related psycho-social movements.  During this one day 4 session meeting we will  build hope working outside of our comfort zones, accumulate knowledge and methodologies to get our voices heard, and   claim and reclaim de-colonial and colonial spaces, with future hopes for resolve.

Collaborative gatherings will be split into four sessions encompassing the following themes, while addressing related questions

The Role and History of Psychology in perpetuating crimes against humanity  

Many people think of psychology as a branch of social science that aims to understand human behavior. How do we define and re-frame our understanding of crimes based upon the intersectionality of psychology and social conditioning? How does this intersectionality contribute to injustice? How does this discipline contribute to normalizing systems of oppression and inequality? How can we…. how are we ….shifting the paradigm?

Educational Crimes: What crimes are committed in the name of “education”, Psychology and other social sciences that create injustice.

The Public educational system in the United States is saturated with falsehoods, and distortion of history through nuance of wording and colonization which has shaped schooling and educational research in the U.S as well as other nations. This has led to a series of systemic intolerance’s and injustices within the educational setting. How do we categorize and define these injustices? What are the resolves? How do we de-center and reorient psychology and other social sciences in educational institutions?

 Militarization in the U.S and outside: Crimes related to humanity through Globalization, Migration, Psychology, and Community?

How are race and psychology used globally in Military, Policing, Economics, and Migration? What are the outcomes for affected communities? How can we develop models for reform?

The Plantation Politics in the House of Race

In the midst of the environment born of the Trump administration a multitude of race specific issues have emerged as emergency. With the threat posed to DACA, health care, women’s rights, and the LGBTQ community, it is no wonder that the populace has taken up many of these issues in defense of the rights and humanity of those most impacted by these issues. Unfortunately, the historically enormous and ever swelling suffering of post American Slavery remains a constant, a background issue, often as invisible in its persistence as the air we breathe. Black America in many ways takes a back seat as the country rushes to the aid of newer offenses, often viewed as more pressing than what Booker T. Washington referred to as the negro problem over 100 years ago. In what ways does the negro problem persist in the United States. How do we avoid losing focus on the oppression of Black people in this country, and what Black people determine as the core agenda for a path forward?

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