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Racial Justice in Praxis Conference 2018

This is a group for anyone interested in engaging in the sharing of information, collective deep thought and dialogue, and action around racial justice issues. There is only occasionally a Chicago focus, sometimes a U.S. bias, but those of us, now and in the future, are focused on a real movement to help bring about liberation from that which binds and blinds us. Taking a universalist and international perspective, our goal is to actively counter everything that is wrong in the world, stemming from racism -- anything that psychologically messes with, cheats, distorts, and corrupts our natural understandings of equity, where the rules of the game, for all individuals or groups, should be fair and equal. We are here to intentionally and seriously call out these rules, ensure they are fair for everyone, adults and kids, of every kind. And we are here to help all people follow the rules, which good people espouse (for the ones who espouse them), in their minds and voices. And that we hope, despite all sources of personal, social, and political confusion, that, somewhere, every one of these people actually hold these rules and values dear, inside. And when contradictions are seriously but caringly brought before them, they will be open to and recognize where those inconsistencies may exist. Or when brought before them, they will, at least, honestly search for better truths within themselves, those greater consistencies, and work hard to reevaluate their views.
Deveda Francois
Deveda Francois shared AntoineSpeaks.co.uk's video to the group: Racial Justice in Praxis Conference 2018.1 day ago
Abusive relationship...some of them don't even know it.

Deveda Francois
Please like and share AntoineSpeaks.co.uk Terry Crews gave a different perspective on the Protest. Subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlm63UTwqJQ
Brad Olson
Brad Olson shared a link to the group: Racial Justice in Praxis Conference 2018.2 days ago
Beautiful short animated documentary of Chicago black and multiracial community organizer, anarchist, and feminist Lucy Parsons:

Vera Green
Vera Green shared Media Survivor's video to the group: Racial Justice in Praxis Conference 2018.2 days ago
Vera Green
Media Survivor
While Congress Ponders On "Viable Solutions" Innocent Children Continue To Die Under The Hands Of Cold Murderers. At This Point, ANYTHING that can remotely provide hope for a safer country is absolutely CRUCIAL! Our most sincere love and prayers for the victim's families of this horrible event. #schoolshooting #browardshooting #nikolascruz #schoolshooter #valentinestragedy #douglassshooting #floridashooting
Vera Green
Vera Green2 days ago
Awesome facts. And the movie is something to see. I loved it. Marvel's Black Panther.
Anton Seals Jr.
Anton Seals Jr.Anton Seals Jr. shared Grow Greater Englewood's photo to the group: Racial Justice in Praxis Conference 2018.2 days ago
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia shared a link to the group: Racial Justice in Praxis Conference 2018.2 days ago
This story is not my own why? Because I represent the sad reality of 2.7 million American Citizens Separated from their Dearly Deported Parent Veteran or Spouse and those who have been forced to live in Exile!! #nationalboycott #notmyprez #fix96 #familyreunification #not1more
S/O to www.peoplesworld.org &
Michelle Zacarias ♡♡♡♡
#resist #persist

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